Fasteners Tendency in Wenzhou

Mon May 30 2022 Alex Qian

The recently opened Jinshang Intelligent Port Phase II Fastener Trading Center accelerated the pace of intelligent production of the hardware fastener industry in our city, and sounded the clarion call for our city to build the largest cluster center of the hardware fastener industry in southern Zhejiang and northern Fujian.


As an important production base of fasteners in my country, Wenzhou fastener industry started in the 1970s and is one of the three major fastener production bases in China. After more than 50 years of market waves, the fastener industry has experienced ups and downs, and the scale of enterprises has continued to expand. Faced with the impact of new technologies such as big data, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, what is the development prospect of the fastener industry in the future, and how should intelligent manufacturing and digital transformation be realized.

After experiencing environmental remediation and the market's big waves, the fastener companies currently running in the front of the fastener industry are all leading companies in technology and have launched their own brands.


In recent years, more and more Wenzhou fastener products are equipped with major domestic and foreign projects. Why do enterprises have such confidence? In fact, it is to use "wisdom" as a means to follow "wisdom". Times have changed, some of the cost dividends in the past have disappeared, and there is no price advantage. More fastener companies are accelerating their transformation and upgrading. After years of struggle and struggle, extending to a broader field of producer services, many companies are now actively developing high-end fastener industries such as railways, photovoltaics, aviation, and aerospace. A group of molding companies are closely following the country to expand domestic demand. The big business opportunities, take advantage of the existing advantages, strengthen the supply, and compete for more market cakes.

In the domestic fastener manufacturing map, Wenzhou occupies an important seat and has the title of "China Fastener City".


Among them, Longwan District is famous for the production of non-standard parts, Yueqing is mainly for the production of electrical appliances, and Ruian has formed its own regional characteristics mainly for automobile and motorcycle accessories. Moreover, the products have been used in national key projects such as aviation, ships, railways, wind power, bridges and so on.


Fastener industry continues to grow and develop, all benefit from the city's huge manufacturing industry. Wenzhou has the reputation of China's Electric Appliance Capital, China's Automobile and Motorcycle Parts Capital, China's Hometown of Pumps and Valves, and China's Valve City. These industries require a large number of fasteners every year, which stably supports the development of the local fastener industry. Professional market radiation, constantly expand the domestic market and surrounding markets, and at the same time use the chain monopoly system integrating supply, production and sales to form a huge sales network all over the country.


Behind the rapid development is the low-, small- and scattered-type that is common in the industry. Many small and medium-sized enterprises are still home-based workshop-style production, relying on low prices to win the market. In recent years, due to the rising prices of raw materials, small and medium-sized enterprises cannot bear the burden of rising costs. In addition, the foreign trade market is difficult to recover under the impact of the epidemic, and many enterprises are struggling. Fastener enterprises from the original peak of more than 3,000, sharply decreased to more than 2,000. More and more enterprises realize that the traditional development model of relying on low-cost competition has no future. Especially at the cost of damaging the environment, there is less and less room for competition in the production of low value-added products at the end of the industrial chain.

Fasteners Tendency in Wenzhou